Shop Talk: Bulloch's

Shop Talk: Bulloch's

Have you heard? We're bringing our popular Viona bracelets to our wholesale program! We chatted with Bulloch's who were kind enough to test run Vionas in their shop. Read on to find out how it went! 

MudLOVE: How long have you been in business?

Bulloch's: We originally started as an old fashioned drug store and soda fountain in the 1950’s! However, we began to transition into award-winning gift stores in the late 90’s. These shops include a women's clothing boutique, a home decor store, and a baby boutique! 

ML: What's the story behind your shop name?

B: Here in Cedar City, the Bulloch family was very established and well known. When we took over, it felt natural to carry on the Bulloch's legacy! Our old fashioned drug store and soda fountain have been known as Bulloch Drug, but in an effort to set the gift stores apart from the pharmacy, we are shifting to our local nickname Bulloch's!

ML: What kinds of items do you sell in your store?

B: We carry such a wide range of products! Pretty much anything you can think of, we have it! Our boutique has clothing, accessories (like our favorite MudLOVE bracelets!), jewelry, and bath & body products. Our home store has all different kinds and styles of home decor, seasonal decor, and stationary. The baby boutique has books, toys, clothes, and other baby necessities. It’s a one stop shop!

ML: What is Bulloch’s mission in the community?

B: We want to provide affordable, high quality goods to our community and visitors! That is not something you see very much in small towns like ours! We love our community, neighbors, and tourists, and we want to give them a cute & fun place that they can look forward to shopping at!

ML: How has selling MudLOVE products helped you accomplish that goal?

B: MudLOVE has been such a hot brand for us! Any time we have the chance to push a product made in the US, we are all for it! Each MudLOVE item is created with quality materials and we can tell they are always carefully made! MudLOVE products just. feel. good.

ML: What’s your favorite MudLOVE product currently being sold at Bulloch’s?

B: Holy moly we love them all! I think lately we have been especially obsessing over the Viona bracelets!! We can hardly keep them in stock long enough! Our employees may or may not have bought one of each color.... 

ML: What’s 1 thing that everyone should know about Bulloch’s? (A fun fact, upcoming event, etc.)

B: The holidays are huge for us! We have a special event every year before Halloween called Witches Night Out, where people come dressed as a witch to get amazing deals, participate in contests, win prizes, and have a good time! Also, for Christmas we have a new sale each week, for a month-long event called the 4 Weeks of Christmas! Holidays really are the best time of year around here!

Wish we could join you for Halloween! Thank you for sharing about your one-stop shop; you're truly an inspiration! Visit their Instagram or website and do some shopping the next time you're in Utah. 

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